Many Apologies To Those Who Have Tried To Email

I just got an email from Hotmail that told me to login to my account that I use for this site. I count on Hotmail to forward my emails to my iPhone.

When I logged in, I realized Hotmail thought I might be a spammer. They haven’t been forwarding my messages to my iPhone since January.

Of course, it’s my fault for never getting on a “real” computer and checking. But I missed a lot of important emails. Those of you who were reaching out for help, people wanting to interview me about the book, even a television network

I am very, very sorry. It’s my oversight and neglect, but I hope the problem is now fixed. Honestly, I even had two emails that I’ve sent out in the past two days that weren’t going through.

However, with my view of sovereignty, I know there’s a reason for it. (Please, please, please, God, let there be a reason!)

I had someone offer to upgrade my site and I’m hoping that will happen soon. Thank you all for being so patient. You’re fantastic. I really am here to help. If you ever email me and I don’t get back to you right away, send me a comment in the comment section. I won’t publish it, but I’ll get it right away and email you back.

Better yet, I’m adding a page for this blog where you can reach me directly by clicking a link. Hope that helps.

God bless you all.

About fallenpastor
I am a former Southern Baptist pastor who was removed from his church for breaking the seventh commandment. I once blogged under the pseudonym Arthur Dimmesdale. I am author of the book, "Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World," from Civitas Press. I have written an essay in a book entitled, "The Practice of Love: Real Stories Of Living Into The Kingdom of God." I have a beautiful wife, Allison, and three wonderful daughters. I am originally from Russellville, Arkansas and am a huge Razorback fan.

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